Friday, 20 July 2012


okay so recently, i'm in a health/fitness craze. seriously, i want to be fucking skinny. i feel like shit about my body and it doesn't help that people here in the Philippines think it's okay to call you "fat" or "chubby". It's just not, okay? I feel so insecure i want to do something about which is why i am. No, i'm not going to starve myself because i've heard enough people tell me that it's not healthy, so i won't do it.

Starting next week, i'm going to start running everyday after school as well as swim. I haven't seen my swim coach in like 4 months, so i can't wait to be reunited with him again! :) he's a total sweetie. Hopefully, i'll get my angel wings back :/

Also my sister offered me to come with her on this extream work out thing. As in, Pilates, Spin, etc so i cant wait for that. :)

Right now i have just as much motivation that i need, but blogging about it doesn't hurt either! Check out my tumblr and click under the fitness section! :)

my dream measurements:

Thursday, 10 May 2012

i feel so close to you right now it's a force field

*please read in a British accent*

Okay, so recently i've done nothing with my life and absolutely gutted about it. (Lol okay not really) Anyways, i have a month till i go back to school and this year i'll be a junior because school here works completely different than it does in Canada. And no i will not specify where "here" is because i just don't want too.

I went to the gym with my sister today and everything feels like i've taken a hammer to it. When i pick up something to heavy, my arms just start shaking and i look like a downright mess. I feel very delicate like i could dislocate something if i tired hard enough (which i haven't)

The weather was downright shit today because it was raining and loud and it was just a horrible day to live.

But one good thing that happened today is that another model decided to take interest in my silly reply to one of his tweets so life's still lookin pretty good.  Instead of print screening the tweet i'm simply just to tried so i'll write it out. xx

Kacey Carrig @KaceyCarrig

I wanna buzz my head

Irene Styles @IreneTaan

@KaceyCarrig you're amazing, just the way you are x

Kacey Carrig @KaceyCarrig

@IreneTaan ha thank you very much!:)

have a lovely day & be nice to one another x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

i love twitter and models

My luck with models recently is mind-blowing. Twitter, I salute you.

Out of pure curiosity (and not because i was just being stupid) i decided to ask some beautiful male models that i adore on twitter a simple question.

Why do you call it a runway, if you walk?

And that my friends was a direct question to River Viiper, Mark Cox, Clark Cord, & Julian Schratter.

I didnt think they would answer cause i mean hello, it was a pretty stupid question. Anyways, you could imagine me freaking out when they did.

Clark Cord:

River Viiperi:

Mark Cox:

Mark seemed to be the only one who gave me a stright answers, and the others seemed to agreed on it, but hey! At lease they know i exsist!

Once again, i still think that it is a sign that we should get married Mark. I'm serious.

Now all i need is Julian's reply...which i'm not expecting because he's too cool for school. But he did once all me a groupie. 

caio x

Monday, 30 April 2012

so its bad to cut up a american flag?

i was googling tutorials on how to make american flag shorts (cause that's what all the hipsters are wear these days, so bite me for wanting in on it) and i realized that people dont cut up american flags because its disrespectful? oh, okay, i guess i won't then. apologies, americans.

why hasnt anyone ever tired to make canadian shorts? oh, thats right its cause of the leaf on our flag that looks like weed. and no body wants weed on they're they? i'm pretty sure cutting up the canadian flag isnt bad. maybe fowned upon, but not bad.

anyways, why does shit on runaway dreamz cost so much? ugh, and what kind of jeans do they use to make these shorts look so damn good? ugh #thirdworldproblems

okay i got to sleep. night

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


SO ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MALE MODELS EVER, TWEETED ME SAYING HAPPY BIRTHDAY. only after i ask him to, BUT STILL. ASDFFGHJKL i freaked out when i saw! anyways, now for pictures!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

this is the best day ever...EVER

so just as i was about to curl my hair, my sister suddenly screams that some of my fav male models are on USTREAM. my reaction? I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF!

The one on the left, is the beautiful Julian Schratter. Yeah, he wished me a happy birthday, told me his hair didnt get ruined when he puts his beanie on after i asked him to take it off, told me he wasn't scared of bugs depending on the bug, after i asked him if he was. Told me to stop shaking and should go to the doctor after i told him that i was; tilted the screen to the laptop after i told him so because we couldn't see him, and only his head; as well as sing me happy birthday. And as you notice, he's motherfucking smokin.

The one in the middle is, RIVER DEFIN VIIPERI, and i've had a huge crush on him for a year now, and i tweet him everyday with good mornings and i reply to him every single time he tweets. AND HE SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. ME, OUT OF ALL PEOPLE. ME. I'M FAN-GIRLING LIKE MAD NOW CAUSE LIKE I 'M CREEPY WITH HIM.

And the one on the left is Nick Gills, and he is the most adorable ever. Yes, he said happy birthday to me as well, and when i complained about the AD's that kept popping up, he read what i said, apologized, and told me that they didnt have priming membership. sucks, i know. He also called me out when i said Nick instead of Nate but thats cool cause we're besties now.

Anyways, i need to right this all down before i forget tomorrow. I can actually say my life can end now because these angels noticed me. And that's more than what i can say with my other idols.


OH, and i got vans today! they're red. :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

you've got me laughing while i sing, and smiling while i sleep...

I want the kind of love that starves me for days and deprives me of sleep if he's in the hospital. I want to feel so much love that it hurts. I want to feel like nothing when he leaves and everything when he's there. I want to trace the curves of his body and count his ribs. Run my hands through his hair and smile at him like a blind man seeing the world for the first time. I was to get butterflies in my stomach every time he looks at me and smiles. I want to have breakfast in bed with him on Sunday mornings and take a walks with him at night. I wanna feel so close to him that I truly accept the fact that God made each of us a soul mate. I want to laugh with him until my stomach hurts and i'm on the floor. 

I want to argue, with so much passion that we end up in a hot embrace and we forget what we were fighting about.  I want him to look at me like he's starting into my soul, as he is forever trapped there. I want to create memories so happy, that you cant help but smile and wail at the same time. I want to hug him and memorize his body and mold mine to fit his. I want to feel his hand on the back of my neck  as he pulls back from a kiss. I want to be able to stare into his eyes forever and just memorize every detail of his iris as he stares back. I want my thoughts taken away from me the moment he flashes me a smile or breaths on my neck. I want to be paralyzed under his touch and holding my breath for the next one. I want him to be my everything, but I dont want me, to be his. I want him to be passionate, and artistic and care-free and impulsive at times. I need him to be clever and witter and full of fire. I want to learn and try new things with him, that are beyond our comfort zone. I want to be able to scream on tops of mountains and declare my love for him with a feeling that feels right and free.

 I want him whole. His arms, his face, his mind, his love.

A/N: lol at the picture of Harry. He's a beaut though.

no i dont like you, i just thought you were cool enough to kick it

Intro! Intro!
So i logged onto look book today, and i couldn't help but smile and frown at some things people decided to wear.  Here are so examples!

look her book here - totatlly laid back. her shoes are adorable. would you meet a fashion client in this? i would.

look his book here - okay, i see a little West Side Story in this. i feel that jean vest are never going to go out of style. never.

look her book here - my dream outfit. actually though. i love the chucks on her and i just because i saw these, i'm going to buy another pair for my birthday now. and a hat.

look her book here - ugh this is so motherfucking played out. really though. you can't go into a club without some bitch from across the room, has caught reflection of some light in that dark, dark club and manage to blind you with her 23 dollar, shinny Topshop skirt. next joke, please.
her other looks aren't that bad though.

look her book here - love it. nuff' said. her sunglasses are rockin.

look her book here - so many things going on in the outfit. usually that would be a horrible idea, and it is, but somehow it looks really...clean. <3 the band tee.

look her book here - this is the ugliest fucking outfit i have ever seen. how did this get so many hypes? ew its horrid. her other outfits are pretty fucking terrible too. no offence, of course. she might be a lovely person, i just wouldn't know by one glace.

look her book here -  fucking hipsters. i read this thing on the internet about how some coachella trends should die. and fringe should. as well as feathers. love her other outfits though.

look her book here - i la la la la la love her jacket!

look her book here - another look that's played out. the high top shirt, with the Daisy duke shirt knot to counter off the elegant but also to say "i so laid back" um, no.

look her book here - last one. and all i can say is, sweat pants. <3

think is how much better life would be if we ran away...okay

oh paint, how i've missed you.

My Inspiration for this from from here. But because i loved it so much, i'm just going to to post it again here. All Credit goes to the link above!
5 Fantasy Exit StrategiesNOV. 17, 2011 

1. Run away to Brooklyn. Rent an apartment with a claw footed bathtub. Commute to Manhattan during the week and put in hours at a menial publishing job. Drive home to New Jersey on weekends to swim in the pool and cry to your mother. Smoke Gauloises on the fire escape. Let yellowing issues of Rolling Stone and Vogue pile into a protective fortress around your bed. Listen to Cat Power. Fall asleep mostly naked beneath the duvet watching Sportscenter and drinking earl grey. Date a Yankees fan and kiss his hands on the 4 Train into the Bronx.

2. Run away to Barcelona. Eat milk chocolate magnum bars and drink cheap champagne. Burst into charming fits of laughter whenever you get embarrassed about butchering the Catalan language. Wear denim cutoffs, Dr. Pepper chapstick, and very little else. Go dancing at 3 a.m. Whiten your teeth. Tan your shoulders. Braid feathers into your hair. Perpetually wake up with sand caught in the thin cotton sheets of your tiny bed. Listen to the Rolling Stones and kiss all the longhaired boys you can get your hands on without ever having to apologize.

3. Run away to Los Angeles. Sublet a studio in Venice three blocks from the beach. Listen to top 40 radio. Go to Chateau Marmont and charge drinks you can’t afford to a long-dormant credit card. Sleep with a television actor who lives in the valley. Sleep with a musician who lives in Bel Air. Break things off with both of them when gas prices begin to rise. Find Gilda Radner’s star on the Walk Of Fame and swallow a sob when you see the filthy cement around her name is cracked. Walk through the Venice Canals until the sun sets and you forget your own name. Call your mother crying from the parking lot of a 24-hour Ralph’s supermarket. Tell her you want to come home.

4. Run away to Paris. Gaze at the pink and pistachio glow of macarons in the window on Boulevard Saint-Germain. Listen to Joni Mitchell. Meet an Argentinean man in the Latin Quarter for drinks. Melt into his accent and kiss him goodnight, but return to your apartment alone because his face doesn’t look enough like the man’s you are trying to forget. Get lost in the Richelieu Wing of the Louvre, admiring Napoleon’s fine red damask. Walk alone along the Seine in an old dress, ten-dollar shoes, and an Hermes scarf. Fumble with the locks on the fence overlooking the river. They all have lovers’ names etched into them and the girl who left the red heart-shaped lock has the same name as you.

5. Run away to Martha’s Vineyard. Write heartbroken stories during the day in front of a large fan that blows curls of humid hair across your tired face. Take a waitress job at The Black Dog at night and try hard not to drop too many trays. Learn to ride a moped. Pretend you’re a Kennedy. Listen to Carly Simon. Eat hand-churned ice cream out of waffle cones. Visit the flying horses and consider how many girls just like you have sat on the same horse clutching for the same brass ring. Get stoned and dance barefoot down the length of the eroded Jaws beach. Date a Red Sox fan. Yell at each other during baseball games, and then kiss and make up between tangled sheets. TC mark

 yeah well, mine kind of sucks compared to that. But i do think i should earn some creativity points for doing it on paint!

Monday, 16 April 2012


So the first weekend of Coachella is officially done, and some lucky bitches people got to witness the amazing line -up that they had this year. And besides the music, I love Coachella fashion. LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT. Everybody looks so laid back and half naked that it's like a big music orgy. I, for one, am extreamly jealous for numerous reasons and I will list them down as well as pictures of fashionable people that i adore:

1. RIHANNA FUCKING PREFORMED "WE MADE LOVE" WITH CALVIN HARRIS. ASDFGHJKL. Not only is this girl downright amazing and beautiful and talented, but that she got to share the stage with Calvin Harris. I'm super mega jealous of every hand on her in that picture and her shorts are amazing. I love it. Is it possible to be so ghetto fab and so fucking hipster at the same time? 

And then look at her being fabulous with Katy Perry. I wish I was biffles with Katy and Riri.  And then just other pictures of Rihanna being fab.
Riri at Snoop and Dr.Dre show wearing a Peace bra, spiked shorts, and a Chanel jacket.
Ri and Katy at Snoops and Dr.Dre

2. It's Paris, bitch. From what I've heard, Paris usually goes to Coachella and that just makes me love her more. She is completely adorable and i love what shes wearing. Personally, I wouldn't wear something like that to Coachella, first because i would be scared that someone might step on my skirt and i trip, and because i'd want to show as much skins as possible. :D but thats just the hormonal teen in me talking so.....

*sigh* i wish i was Paris Hilton's new BFF.

Paris wearing a maxi skirt, what looks like a bedazzled bathing suit top, a fringe necklace, and a flower headband

3. I feel like I have to talk about Vanessa. Why? because she just puts on the most relaxed, chic outfits i've ever seen. Although i think her boyfriend is ugly as hell, they still look pretty cute...minus the indian headband. The is Coachella Vanessa, not a The Village People concert. Anyways, more pictures of Vanessa at Coachella...

cause i like paint better than photo shop...

4. And last but not lease, the cutest fucking couple in the entire world, Nina and Ian. I saw pictures of them at Coachella last year and thought they were perfect. And i want her dress...and maybe also her boyfriend.

Ian being his hot sexy self.

Nina blue number was stunning, but i could find a decent picture of it :(
And that's it! The rest of the photos are just pictures of the event and some people. :)

katy perry crowd surfing during Rihanna preformance

Monday, 9 April 2012

that's what makes you beautiful!

So! Finally, after a week, 'm going to update my blog. :) yes, it's been quite a while but i just havent been in the mood recently. Anyways, i'm just going to post pictures that my friend, Megan and I took while i was at her house. :) you should all note that all these outfits were styled by me! :D

jacket; megan's mums closet , belt; meg's closet, skirt: MAGS

shirt; thrifted, bag; diy, shorts; mums

blouse; thrifted, shorts; mums, necklace; downtown thrift

jacket; megs mums, shorts; forever21, top; american eagle

top; american eagle, maxi skirt; DIY, vest; costa blaca, belt; thrifted

top; forever21, shorts; aunt's

top; forever21, shorts; aunts, necklace; DIY

top; thrifted & DIY, tights, belt; thrifted

top; DIY , shorts;forever21

top; american eagle. skirt; american apparel, blazer; thrifted

shorts & top; forever 21