Thursday, 29 March 2012

i should sleep cause its late.....yeah thats it

okay, i should head off to bed now, because is srsly just tempting me to stay up, even if i could read all there shit tomorrow, idk. Anyways, good night, non-existent readers.

Francisco Lachowski appreciation post...i just really love him man

i just met you
and this is crazy
but heres my number
so call me maybe...

*insert creepy face here*

because just like every other teenage girl...i have the one direction infection

I don't know what first drew me to the overly attractive boy band; Was it the catchy tune in "What Make You Beautiful? or was it just because they were plain hot?


I'm sorry, that was a bit harsh. And believe me, i don't buy into that Directioner/Directionator crap. We're all fans.

Anyways, as much as i would love to talk about these gorgeous gents, i actually want to talk about Louis's girlfriend, the beaut Eleanor Calder.
As any jellin' fan that first found out pretty boy Lou had a girlfriend, i hated her at first. Then I found out that "hatin" was so mainstream. (LOL there goes wannabe hipster me again!) AND LOVED HER!

Eleanor and Hottie Lou, out and about in L.A
LOL no I'm kidding i never hated her. I envied her. Not just because she had a smokin', hottie to the MAX bf, but because she is actually beautiful. No like BEAUTIFUL. (HER HAIR IS JUST LIKE PERFECT IN EVERY PICTURE AND SHE HAS THIS INNOCENTS ABOUT HER THAT I WISH I HAD)

But there's nothing innocent about me, maybe a little psychotic and just a tad worrisome, but not innocent.
Ok, i'm getting off topic. Okay, back to Eleanor (did ya'll noticed how i just spelled ok in two, okay now four, different ways?? weird) she had recently become my style inspiration, why? because her looks seems so
laid back and simple, but very chic (and maybe dreaming about the fact that her boyfriend proposed to me in a dream, might also fuel my desire to look like her, i dont know, maybe) anyways! i feel like my post never feels complete without pictures, sooooo here are some pics of the very pretty Eleanor Calder!

PS: i guess you could also say that Sugarscape has added to my obsession with her

PSS: or maybe it was my dream

just a couple of things that i managed to save...or will save

I went to the Thrift Store (or an UkayUkay is what they call it here) and i managed to pick up a could of really cool things.

The first things I found was this white dress shirt, and I think i picked it up because it reminded me of little bow peep. Why? Because of the collar! The fabric for it was also really thin which is really good because living in the Philippines is like living in a sauna. (But it's been raining for a couple of days now, so maybe a tropical sauna? idk) anyways, I got a little blazer because i mean, everyone needs a blazer! And i'm really happy with it also because the red adds a nautical theme to it and i don't have anything nautical in my closet yet. :)

I also bought a floral shirt because i just wanted a big button-down shirt that would look good with high top jean shorts. And just a cool 1959 inspired sweater (yes, i call it a sweater because it's quite thick) that kind of reminded me of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olssen walking down Malibu boardwalk, just chatting; so you know, the inner wannabe hipster in me took over and carried it to check out.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor!.... THEY NEVER ARE THOUGH

Good Morning! Or good afternoon I should day since in 3:21 in the afternoon here in the Philippines. I knew I knew i was going to end up waking in the evening. *signs*

Anyways, my Grandmothers sisters just arrived from Cebu! Did you know that by plane it takes 30 minutes but by boat a whole night? Talk about a mind fuck. They brought presents and they gave my sister and i  vintage looking bags that are just completely adorb. One is from Jessica Simpsons handbag line and the other is from Fossil. I'm no label snob so i take what i cant get! :D

On another note, i want to talk about the Hunger Games! I remember reading this book a year ago during my exams (i know, what was i thinking?) and I was completely hooked! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN. So you could imagine my excitement when i found out they were going to make it into a movie! *fan-girl scream*

The movie, first off, what fantastic! The actors (yumm, Josh Hutcherson) were amazing and they no way in hell disappointed me! The girls were hot as hell and the boys even hotter!

One peice of clothing that i reallllllllllllllllllly liked was Katniss's "reaping" dress. That cute little blue number that she wore.

I would wear a pair of wedges, maybe a flora scarf and a BIG BIG sun hat with this dress.

Other than that, I was browsing the Nylon website this morning and I saw a photo shoot with the girls of The Hunger Games.

nylon tribute shoot

Surprise! Surprise! They're colour blocking! I just want to steal everything on this shoot. EVERYTHING.


Why God? Why, oh why did you have to move me? I just saw these shoes on and I went cray. The blue ones are TO DIE FOR. (although they kind of remind me of that tv with the blue guy and that pink girl idk) anyways, if i could just get my hands on them...ugh. They are beautiful. 

Just imagine how adorable they would look with a pair of Acne jeans, a band t-shirt with a Marc Jacobs leather jacket to match. Oh and complete with a Chanel chain bag. (yeah, the chain bags are some what played out, but they still make any outfit look fab)
i just had to make a polyvore.


Credit to NYLON for the atricle :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

hi i'm cory stop it

Oh teen sitcoms. Remember back in the day when out TV shows weren't based on cheating couples, and teen pregnancies or the unrealistic scenario of 2 teenage girls who suddenly become instant hip-hop stars? (YEAH, I'M TALKING ABOUT THAT SHITTY SHOW SHAKE IT UP. Not only do they have horrible actors, but they're opening tune is just awful.)

Now the fashion in that show isn't as bad, but it makes me wonder, will that be the next generation of what we call "vintage" clothing? If so, Uh-Oh we have a problem.

Remember shows like Boy Meets World, or That's so Raven and even Smart Guy! (T.J was the coolest kid ever. EVER.) I think to myself, what will the children of the future have learned from the T.v shows out now? HOW TO DANCE AND GET PREGOS, THAT WHAT.

I'm getting off topic. This was suppost to be and entry about Boy Meets World and how I would of loved to just raid Topanga's closet.

oh and since this is my blog and get to post whatever i want on it, here's another picture of Francisco Lachowski. Totally unrelated to Boy Meets World but you know...yolo.

i'm going to bed! it's 3:32am (it's summer in the Phils!) and i know i wont be able to wake up until noon tomrorrow. GOOD NIGHT MY LOVELY BLOG.
i should start signing my name out.


h&m? ...yes!

Just a couple of videos that I want to take note of ....

shanghai fashion!

parasian fashion!

it's official. I am totally going to live in either Paris or Shanghai when I'm old enough.

Louis-V.....oh really?


With the help of Louis Vuitton fashionable get-ups, I made some color pallets to match! They look amazing, if I do say so myself and out of 77 pictures that I found on this website of the Louis Vuitton fashion show in New York, there were only 10 that I would actually wear (please refer to the pictures up top) 

show me how you burlesque!....i dont know how though

I watch Christina Aguilera and Cher's movie Burlesque recently and fell madly in love with it. I don't know if it was the catchy tones or the killer dance steps, but I do know that the outfits we extremely nifty and a little rated (by a little i mean alot) but never the less I loved it! It brought out the inner Burlesque girl in me and all I wanted to do was get up and dance along. The dance steps were sexy and sly and Christina was marvelous!

Anyways back to the outfits I decided to make (another) polyvore in tribute to Burlesque....

show me how you burlesques

And now just some pictures of the amazing Christina and Cher!

bohemian like

2012's first

Just a little Polyvore that I made early on in the year. I used to have an obsession with making these back then.

are you gonna be my girl? .....UH, YES.

Francisco is the one on the right, holding the bag. Sexy beast.
 (The other two aren't so bad either, I might have to Google them later.)

One thing I love about fashion shows is THE BEAUTIFUL MODELS. The beautiful male models that is. I really just need a place right now where I can fan-girl over these half naked men that haunt my dreams every night.  They're mostly the face of that hot Brazillian model Francisco Lachowski.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

baby dont worry about your hair....i dont its always a mess


I would just like to say that I personally think that fashion week was fabulous. I would know because I got front row Sadly, I am not as well connected to the fashion world as I would like to be. (Actually, I don't know anybody) But i did end up finding these wonder pictures of MuiMui on this website and decided that I would also add colour pallets to them since, right now I'm actually addicted to making color pallets. I have nothing else to say expect that the clothes gave off a Burlesque / Circus vibe and that I enjoyed looking at them. :)

my thoughts are stars that i cannot fathom into constellations....or something like that

this post is totally unrelated to what my blog will be about (i say 'will be' because if you noticed, i haven't posted anything on here yet) but I'm in the mood to talk about this new book that i just discovered by John Green.

Now I tell myself, over, and over again that I will not purchase another John Green book! Why? because his writing is agonizing and devastating and just an emotional roller coaster. I after I read Looking For Alaska, I told myself, "Okay, it's not bad. It's quite lovely." An Abundance of Katherine's, however, did not receive that kind of positive feedback. I did not enjoy it at all. (This is not a hate post of John Green if you all are wondering, I just need to talk about what his books have made me feel.) Personally, I didnt get it. There was too much math in the book, and if you, just like me, did not spark as much interest in math or physics in school , will not really get why Colin has to relate EVERYTHING BACK TO GRAPH AND NUMBERS. No wonder the douche got dumped 12 times by Katherine's. Anyways, i'm getting carried away here; I don't want to talk about ABK but about something else.

I want to talk about Augustus Waters. To be honest, when i first picked up The Fault in Our Stars, I had no clue what it was about. I only picked it up because I saw it on the Chapters (Canadian book store website, that i might or might not check out regularly) website, I saw it was by John Green and well, curiosity got the best of me (AGAIN) and read the little summary. It is not a cancer book, (as John Green seemed to plainly say through his character, Hazel)  but a love story, of how two teens with enough problems to deal with, also have cancer. Well at lease Hazel does (I'M NOT SPOILING ANYTHING. GO BUY IT) and she's like any other normal teenager who whines about going somewhere, where she obviously doesn't want to go and going to places where she obviously can't. (for OBVIOUS reasons, of course) but she doesn't want you to feel bad for her. Because what's that going to get? (OBVIOUSLY not a cure for cancer.) And along the way, she meets this boy Augustus Waters (in first glace, I thought it was Walters, not Waters)  who is everything that I want to live the rest of my life with. (I'm in love with a fictional character. It wouldn't be the first time) He's charming and sweet, and smart (Intelligence is sexy, guys. And profitable) and just PERFECT. But, as all great John Green novels do, there is a downfall to this epic love story.

This book will make you wonder, what the fuck have I done with my life? (Excuse my language. I blame Drake) What mark will I leave in this world when i'm gone? Am i even able to leave one? Will i be loved or just love? It's the questions that scare the shit (Drake) out of teenagers like myself. All I know is (insert cliché quote here)

All in all, my faith (and daddy's money) has been restored in John Green novels and The Fault in Our Stars has quickly become one of my new favorites.

ps: I would of loved to have read An Imperial Affliction.

pss: To bad it doesn't exist.

no title, just an intro

Yes, okay so here it goes. The blog is not for anyone else but me. I needed a place to shared my thoughts and I figured since blogger is rarely used by youngsters, like myself, this would be the safest place to share my thoughts without them getting judged. Twitter is too public, Tumblr users are quite judgmental, and Facebook and the people on that website are the reason for my hiding.

I decided that a diary is just way too old fashioned and in all honesty my writing is crap. I TRY and write in cursive but it ends up looking like chicken scrach. And I realized long ago that writing on paper bores me and hurts my hand because i cant seem to get the words out as quickly as i would like.

This online blog is where I will shared my thoughts on the one that that has seem to kept me interested during the 14 years of my life and that would be fashion. Yes, I know, how cliché of myself. A fourteen year old girl obsessed with clothes and shoes that are too "mature" for herself (i'm not sure mature is the right word but i would describe the clothes and shoes that interest me would be the type of clothing and accessories that my father would not allow me to have possession over) but in reality i don't care. If anyone does end up reading this entry post, (which i secretly hope someone will, even after all that "this blog is for me bullshit") I thank you, for taking time out of you extremely industrious lives to read what this some-what socially awkward girl might have to say about pretty dresses and sparkly pants suits.

ps: i will probably get most of my pictures on tumblr though, just because i dont posses a Nikon (insert 5 diget numbers here) camera myself.

pss: if i do take pictures myself, is will probably be from my digital camera. hey, it may not be a Nikon but at least its handy.

psss: and i'll probably tell you that i own a certain picture and give credit wheres its needed, which will be on the bottom on the pictures probably (tumblr bitches go crazy for credit)