Thursday, 10 May 2012

i feel so close to you right now it's a force field

*please read in a British accent*

Okay, so recently i've done nothing with my life and absolutely gutted about it. (Lol okay not really) Anyways, i have a month till i go back to school and this year i'll be a junior because school here works completely different than it does in Canada. And no i will not specify where "here" is because i just don't want too.

I went to the gym with my sister today and everything feels like i've taken a hammer to it. When i pick up something to heavy, my arms just start shaking and i look like a downright mess. I feel very delicate like i could dislocate something if i tired hard enough (which i haven't)

The weather was downright shit today because it was raining and loud and it was just a horrible day to live.

But one good thing that happened today is that another model decided to take interest in my silly reply to one of his tweets so life's still lookin pretty good.  Instead of print screening the tweet i'm simply just to tried so i'll write it out. xx

Kacey Carrig @KaceyCarrig

I wanna buzz my head

Irene Styles @IreneTaan

@KaceyCarrig you're amazing, just the way you are x

Kacey Carrig @KaceyCarrig

@IreneTaan ha thank you very much!:)

have a lovely day & be nice to one another x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

i love twitter and models

My luck with models recently is mind-blowing. Twitter, I salute you.

Out of pure curiosity (and not because i was just being stupid) i decided to ask some beautiful male models that i adore on twitter a simple question.

Why do you call it a runway, if you walk?

And that my friends was a direct question to River Viiper, Mark Cox, Clark Cord, & Julian Schratter.

I didnt think they would answer cause i mean hello, it was a pretty stupid question. Anyways, you could imagine me freaking out when they did.

Clark Cord:

River Viiperi:

Mark Cox:

Mark seemed to be the only one who gave me a stright answers, and the others seemed to agreed on it, but hey! At lease they know i exsist!

Once again, i still think that it is a sign that we should get married Mark. I'm serious.

Now all i need is Julian's reply...which i'm not expecting because he's too cool for school. But he did once all me a groupie. 

caio x