Saturday, 6 April 2013

my life has been instagram...i'm sorry blog

Well...hasn't it been a while? my gosh. Honestly, i would think about this blog now and then but then i would just dismiss it and bury it behind my mind. I miss this place though. I remember starting it the summer of last year, and look at me, i'm back at it. :) well i hope for good now.

Intros, intros, intros. 

Well hello again blogger! i'm sorry i've neglected you for the past couple of months, but i promise i wont leave now. Ever. Even with Senior year coming up, i will at lease promise is post once a day or 3 post once a week. You all might get tired of me by then. But then again, i doubt any body actually reads my blog. This was actually just suppose to be for me anyways, so it makes no difference to me. 


It has probably been a year or months that i've been on blogger, and i want to resume. (insert happy face here) for the past month i've gotten a iphone, (iphone5 btw!) meaning more pictures of me hahaha, and more school activities and shit like that. But i'll talk more about that later. And i can say that my personal style has improved. :) very much actually. i will post more pictures, so see you all soon! :)