Friday, 20 July 2012


okay so recently, i'm in a health/fitness craze. seriously, i want to be fucking skinny. i feel like shit about my body and it doesn't help that people here in the Philippines think it's okay to call you "fat" or "chubby". It's just not, okay? I feel so insecure i want to do something about which is why i am. No, i'm not going to starve myself because i've heard enough people tell me that it's not healthy, so i won't do it.

Starting next week, i'm going to start running everyday after school as well as swim. I haven't seen my swim coach in like 4 months, so i can't wait to be reunited with him again! :) he's a total sweetie. Hopefully, i'll get my angel wings back :/

Also my sister offered me to come with her on this extream work out thing. As in, Pilates, Spin, etc so i cant wait for that. :)

Right now i have just as much motivation that i need, but blogging about it doesn't hurt either! Check out my tumblr and click under the fitness section! :)

my dream measurements: