Tuesday, 24 April 2012

this is the best day ever...EVER

so just as i was about to curl my hair, my sister suddenly screams that some of my fav male models are on USTREAM. my reaction? I SCREAMED MY HEAD OFF!

The one on the left, is the beautiful Julian Schratter. Yeah, he wished me a happy birthday, told me his hair didnt get ruined when he puts his beanie on after i asked him to take it off, told me he wasn't scared of bugs depending on the bug, after i asked him if he was. Told me to stop shaking and should go to the doctor after i told him that i was; tilted the screen to the laptop after i told him so because we couldn't see him, and only his head; as well as sing me happy birthday. And as you notice, he's motherfucking smokin.

The one in the middle is, RIVER DEFIN VIIPERI, and i've had a huge crush on him for a year now, and i tweet him everyday with good mornings and i reply to him every single time he tweets. AND HE SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. ME, OUT OF ALL PEOPLE. ME. I'M FAN-GIRLING LIKE MAD NOW CAUSE LIKE I 'M CREEPY WITH HIM.

And the one on the left is Nick Gills, and he is the most adorable ever. Yes, he said happy birthday to me as well, and when i complained about the AD's that kept popping up, he read what i said, apologized, and told me that they didnt have priming membership. sucks, i know. He also called me out when i said Nick instead of Nate but thats cool cause we're besties now.

Anyways, i need to right this all down before i forget tomorrow. I can actually say my life can end now because these angels noticed me. And that's more than what i can say with my other idols.


OH, and i got vans today! they're red. :)

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