Thursday, 29 March 2012

because just like every other teenage girl...i have the one direction infection

I don't know what first drew me to the overly attractive boy band; Was it the catchy tune in "What Make You Beautiful? or was it just because they were plain hot?


I'm sorry, that was a bit harsh. And believe me, i don't buy into that Directioner/Directionator crap. We're all fans.

Anyways, as much as i would love to talk about these gorgeous gents, i actually want to talk about Louis's girlfriend, the beaut Eleanor Calder.
As any jellin' fan that first found out pretty boy Lou had a girlfriend, i hated her at first. Then I found out that "hatin" was so mainstream. (LOL there goes wannabe hipster me again!) AND LOVED HER!

Eleanor and Hottie Lou, out and about in L.A
LOL no I'm kidding i never hated her. I envied her. Not just because she had a smokin', hottie to the MAX bf, but because she is actually beautiful. No like BEAUTIFUL. (HER HAIR IS JUST LIKE PERFECT IN EVERY PICTURE AND SHE HAS THIS INNOCENTS ABOUT HER THAT I WISH I HAD)

But there's nothing innocent about me, maybe a little psychotic and just a tad worrisome, but not innocent.
Ok, i'm getting off topic. Okay, back to Eleanor (did ya'll noticed how i just spelled ok in two, okay now four, different ways?? weird) she had recently become my style inspiration, why? because her looks seems so
laid back and simple, but very chic (and maybe dreaming about the fact that her boyfriend proposed to me in a dream, might also fuel my desire to look like her, i dont know, maybe) anyways! i feel like my post never feels complete without pictures, sooooo here are some pics of the very pretty Eleanor Calder!

PS: i guess you could also say that Sugarscape has added to my obsession with her

PSS: or maybe it was my dream

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