Monday, 2 April 2012

so lied...i'll start today.

So I decided to make a playlist for this month because i've never made one before, well except my itunes playlist, but oh well. anyways, here are my april picks! :)

1. Roses - Outkast.
Its a oldie but a goodie for me. And plus, i also love what everyone's wearing in the video.

2. Strip - Chris Brown.
With those catchy lyrics, who can't love CB?

3. What Makes You Beautiful/ You Da One Mash Up.
I just had to have One Direction and Rhianna. I just had too.

4. Bohemian Like You - Danny Warwhole.
Well, my blog's named after this song so it only feels right to include it in. :)

5. Too Good Too Lose - Rebecca Furguson.
Becc's got me going crazy for her songs. 

6. Cold Coffee - Ed Sheeran.
Uh, hello? It's Ed Sheeran. Who doesnt love this British Jason Marz?

7. Thinking About You - Frank Ocean.
I blame my sister for this one. She's got me listening to him on repeat.

8. Smack You - Kimberly Cole
Who doesnt love a song about some bitch getting kicked between the hips?

9. Yellow Pages - Ed Sheeran.
Another one of Ed's songs.

10. More Thank This - One Direction.
I love them. I just do.

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