Monday, 16 April 2012


So the first weekend of Coachella is officially done, and some lucky bitches people got to witness the amazing line -up that they had this year. And besides the music, I love Coachella fashion. LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT. Everybody looks so laid back and half naked that it's like a big music orgy. I, for one, am extreamly jealous for numerous reasons and I will list them down as well as pictures of fashionable people that i adore:

1. RIHANNA FUCKING PREFORMED "WE MADE LOVE" WITH CALVIN HARRIS. ASDFGHJKL. Not only is this girl downright amazing and beautiful and talented, but that she got to share the stage with Calvin Harris. I'm super mega jealous of every hand on her in that picture and her shorts are amazing. I love it. Is it possible to be so ghetto fab and so fucking hipster at the same time? 

And then look at her being fabulous with Katy Perry. I wish I was biffles with Katy and Riri.  And then just other pictures of Rihanna being fab.
Riri at Snoop and Dr.Dre show wearing a Peace bra, spiked shorts, and a Chanel jacket.
Ri and Katy at Snoops and Dr.Dre

2. It's Paris, bitch. From what I've heard, Paris usually goes to Coachella and that just makes me love her more. She is completely adorable and i love what shes wearing. Personally, I wouldn't wear something like that to Coachella, first because i would be scared that someone might step on my skirt and i trip, and because i'd want to show as much skins as possible. :D but thats just the hormonal teen in me talking so.....

*sigh* i wish i was Paris Hilton's new BFF.

Paris wearing a maxi skirt, what looks like a bedazzled bathing suit top, a fringe necklace, and a flower headband

3. I feel like I have to talk about Vanessa. Why? because she just puts on the most relaxed, chic outfits i've ever seen. Although i think her boyfriend is ugly as hell, they still look pretty cute...minus the indian headband. The is Coachella Vanessa, not a The Village People concert. Anyways, more pictures of Vanessa at Coachella...

cause i like paint better than photo shop...

4. And last but not lease, the cutest fucking couple in the entire world, Nina and Ian. I saw pictures of them at Coachella last year and thought they were perfect. And i want her dress...and maybe also her boyfriend.

Ian being his hot sexy self.

Nina blue number was stunning, but i could find a decent picture of it :(
And that's it! The rest of the photos are just pictures of the event and some people. :)

katy perry crowd surfing during Rihanna preformance

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