Saturday, 21 April 2012

no i dont like you, i just thought you were cool enough to kick it

Intro! Intro!
So i logged onto look book today, and i couldn't help but smile and frown at some things people decided to wear.  Here are so examples!

look her book here - totatlly laid back. her shoes are adorable. would you meet a fashion client in this? i would.

look his book here - okay, i see a little West Side Story in this. i feel that jean vest are never going to go out of style. never.

look her book here - my dream outfit. actually though. i love the chucks on her and i just because i saw these, i'm going to buy another pair for my birthday now. and a hat.

look her book here - ugh this is so motherfucking played out. really though. you can't go into a club without some bitch from across the room, has caught reflection of some light in that dark, dark club and manage to blind you with her 23 dollar, shinny Topshop skirt. next joke, please.
her other looks aren't that bad though.

look her book here - love it. nuff' said. her sunglasses are rockin.

look her book here - so many things going on in the outfit. usually that would be a horrible idea, and it is, but somehow it looks really...clean. <3 the band tee.

look her book here - this is the ugliest fucking outfit i have ever seen. how did this get so many hypes? ew its horrid. her other outfits are pretty fucking terrible too. no offence, of course. she might be a lovely person, i just wouldn't know by one glace.

look her book here -  fucking hipsters. i read this thing on the internet about how some coachella trends should die. and fringe should. as well as feathers. love her other outfits though.

look her book here - i la la la la la love her jacket!

look her book here - another look that's played out. the high top shirt, with the Daisy duke shirt knot to counter off the elegant but also to say "i so laid back" um, no.

look her book here - last one. and all i can say is, sweat pants. <3

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