Monday, 30 April 2012

so its bad to cut up a american flag?

i was googling tutorials on how to make american flag shorts (cause that's what all the hipsters are wear these days, so bite me for wanting in on it) and i realized that people dont cut up american flags because its disrespectful? oh, okay, i guess i won't then. apologies, americans.

why hasnt anyone ever tired to make canadian shorts? oh, thats right its cause of the leaf on our flag that looks like weed. and no body wants weed on they're they? i'm pretty sure cutting up the canadian flag isnt bad. maybe fowned upon, but not bad.

anyways, why does shit on runaway dreamz cost so much? ugh, and what kind of jeans do they use to make these shorts look so damn good? ugh #thirdworldproblems

okay i got to sleep. night

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