Saturday, 21 April 2012

you've got me laughing while i sing, and smiling while i sleep...

I want the kind of love that starves me for days and deprives me of sleep if he's in the hospital. I want to feel so much love that it hurts. I want to feel like nothing when he leaves and everything when he's there. I want to trace the curves of his body and count his ribs. Run my hands through his hair and smile at him like a blind man seeing the world for the first time. I was to get butterflies in my stomach every time he looks at me and smiles. I want to have breakfast in bed with him on Sunday mornings and take a walks with him at night. I wanna feel so close to him that I truly accept the fact that God made each of us a soul mate. I want to laugh with him until my stomach hurts and i'm on the floor. 

I want to argue, with so much passion that we end up in a hot embrace and we forget what we were fighting about.  I want him to look at me like he's starting into my soul, as he is forever trapped there. I want to create memories so happy, that you cant help but smile and wail at the same time. I want to hug him and memorize his body and mold mine to fit his. I want to feel his hand on the back of my neck  as he pulls back from a kiss. I want to be able to stare into his eyes forever and just memorize every detail of his iris as he stares back. I want my thoughts taken away from me the moment he flashes me a smile or breaths on my neck. I want to be paralyzed under his touch and holding my breath for the next one. I want him to be my everything, but I dont want me, to be his. I want him to be passionate, and artistic and care-free and impulsive at times. I need him to be clever and witter and full of fire. I want to learn and try new things with him, that are beyond our comfort zone. I want to be able to scream on tops of mountains and declare my love for him with a feeling that feels right and free.

 I want him whole. His arms, his face, his mind, his love.

A/N: lol at the picture of Harry. He's a beaut though.

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