Monday, 9 April 2012

that's what makes you beautiful!

So! Finally, after a week, 'm going to update my blog. :) yes, it's been quite a while but i just havent been in the mood recently. Anyways, i'm just going to post pictures that my friend, Megan and I took while i was at her house. :) you should all note that all these outfits were styled by me! :D

jacket; megan's mums closet , belt; meg's closet, skirt: MAGS

shirt; thrifted, bag; diy, shorts; mums

blouse; thrifted, shorts; mums, necklace; downtown thrift

jacket; megs mums, shorts; forever21, top; american eagle

top; american eagle, maxi skirt; DIY, vest; costa blaca, belt; thrifted

top; forever21, shorts; aunt's

top; forever21, shorts; aunts, necklace; DIY

top; thrifted & DIY, tights, belt; thrifted

top; DIY , shorts;forever21

top; american eagle. skirt; american apparel, blazer; thrifted

shorts & top; forever 21

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