Tuesday, 8 May 2012

i love twitter and models

My luck with models recently is mind-blowing. Twitter, I salute you.

Out of pure curiosity (and not because i was just being stupid) i decided to ask some beautiful male models that i adore on twitter a simple question.

Why do you call it a runway, if you walk?

And that my friends was a direct question to River Viiper, Mark Cox, Clark Cord, & Julian Schratter.

I didnt think they would answer cause i mean hello, it was a pretty stupid question. Anyways, you could imagine me freaking out when they did.

Clark Cord:

River Viiperi:

Mark Cox:

Mark seemed to be the only one who gave me a stright answers, and the others seemed to agreed on it, but hey! At lease they know i exsist!

Once again, i still think that it is a sign that we should get married Mark. I'm serious.

Now all i need is Julian's reply...which i'm not expecting because he's too cool for school. But he did once all me a groupie. 

caio x

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